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Published on 3 September 2021 at 12:28

Our emotions does have a influence on our choice of words and actions. The thought, spoken and heard word generate emotions in us. I love language and the sensations it enables us. It is a personal concern of mine to develop an understanding that a conscious, need-oriented, interpersonal - intelligent, dignified, respectful as well as polite interaction with this communicative tool has a decisive influence on the personal feelings and actions of ourselves and everyone in our environment.

I am firmly convinced that an awareness of who we are, a healthy connection with our instincts, the intuitive knowledge that lives within us in connection with a life-affirming attitude, which is also reflected in our language, our actions and emotions re-finds an enriching value, potential and influence on the entire social communicative interaction. From my point of view lies in this potential also the responsibility of each individual of us to make a positive contribution on the whole society.


I would like to invite you to see the things, the people, the value of the respective situational living circumstances in a different light and to consider the possibility that a positive change is always possible through a life-affirming attitude and a conscious use of our communicative tools and skills. My way of looking at words and their effects on emotions and actions is cognitively worth - free. Any evaluation or classification of words into good or bad is completely far from me, as there are neither good nor bad words in my world - just useful and those ones that are just less conducive to my well-being.

With this little excursion into my world, I would like to encourage you to question habitual linguistics as well as habitual ways of looking at things and circumstances.

All practical examples ,explanations and exercises basing solely on my personal experiences and are therefore easily comprehensible and applicable.



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